Ajay Zener

CEO & Founder

Ajay has had more than a decade of experience in mentoring students and helping them choose the careers of their choice. As a career consultant, Ajay has been instrumental in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of his students and helping them chart the right career path. His students have joined prestigious institutions in India and abroad, pursuing careers in streams like Engineering, Design, Law, Mass Communication, Management, etc. As a coach and a mentor, he has been playing a significant role in assessing student performance and making sure that the students are prepared well for clearing the requisite examinations as well as helping them in building a profile which enables them to sail smoothly through the college admission process. With an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and admits from Ivy League colleges, Ajay has had the experience and knowledge of what it takes to convert top global universities. This first-hand experience and the expertise he has gained in the last ten years of having worked with students across a diverse stream is what makes him the ideal mentor choice for his students.

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