B-School Interview Preparation 2020-21

Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation: Best Practices

Interview Preparation: Self-Awareness

Interview Preparation: Common Questions

General Personal Interview | Ajay & Varun (09-02-2021)

How to prepare for XLRI-HR and TISS interviews

How to prepare for IRMA Interview

IIM Ahmedabad (FABM) and IIM Lucknow (ABM): How to prepare for the interview?

Statistics: Varun Krishnan (04-02-2021)

NMAT Call Getters by Ajay Zener & Kushal Bohra (17-02-2021)

What is HR management? & How to prepare for HR specific Interviews? | Mr.Varun & Mr.Ajay

IIFT Interview preparation | Ajay & Varun (14-03-2021)

IIM-K Finance Interview Prep | Mr.Varun & Mr.Ajay

Way forward in a B-School by Mr.Vidhyut Vijay Gadia, IIFT Alumnus

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