B-School Interview Preparation 2020-21

Economics & Finance

Recording of Live Sessions

Economics – 1 (PPT): Bibin Varghese (23-12-2020)

Economics – 2 (PPT): Bibin Varghese (27-12-2020) 

Banking System in India (PPT): Bibin (29-12-2020)

Banking – RBI (PPT): Bibin Varghese (02-01-2021)

NPA’s & Bad Debt (PPT): Bibin Varghese (06-01-2021)

FRDI | Yes Bank | DHFL (PPT): Bibin (07-01-2021)

Tax | Bonds (PPT): Bibin Varghese (12-01-2021)

Economic survey of India: Mr.Bibin (01-02-2021)

Budget 2021 (PPT) : Bibin Varghese (02-02-2021)

Short Economics Videos

What is GDP & GNP ?

Fiscal Deficit

Understanding Fiscal Deficit

What is Trade Balance?

Is the Trade Deficit a bad thing?

What is Current Account Deficit

Impact of Current Account Deficit

Understanding Balance of Payments

What is Inflation?

Inflation, Deflation, Stagflation

Depreciation of Currency

Monetary Policy Vs Fiscal Policy

Balance of Trade V/s Balance of Payment

Coming Soon!!

Coming Soon!!

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