B-School Stage II Preparation

WAT, AWT, GD Topics

  1. Social media is has helped in making our world more democratic. It helps politicians reach out to the people. Even people looking to gain traction in politics can share their views and build up popularity helping them enter the political circle. Social media also helps to reach out to people to gather funds. Forums like Facebook and WhatsApp helps people communicate between themselves. Hence, social media can only lead to a harmonious future. What are the claims made in the argument? What is the line of reasoning?  Evaluate whether the arguments are strong or weak? Give reasons.
  2. Technology impacts the way how children think and feel. They tend to think superficially and lose creativity. The ones who spend too much time online tend to lose focus. So, they should be kept away from technology till they are 12 years old. Do you agree with the argument? Justify your stand. Identify the author’s claims. What is the reasoning behind the author’s argument? Evaluate whether the arguments are strong or weak? Give reasons.
  3. “People say that money is not important for happiness, but I believe money can buy you things like trips abroad and other things that will make you happy. Also, those who say that money is not important are in fact consoling themselves for their inability to earn more. Concepts such as job satisfaction are pointless, because if you earn enough doing something that you don’t like to do, you can retire early and enjoy your post retirement life with that money. Therefore, money is very important for happiness in life.” What is/are the main arguments of the author? Do you agree with the argument?  Justify your stance?
  4. The Kannada Development Authority recently protested against the conducting of a Staff Selection Commission recruitment exam in Karnataka and Kerala to fill the posts of clerks, assistants and data entry operators as the exam was conducted only in English and Hindi. The KDA felt that it would put the local aspirants at a disadvantage as they wouldn’t be able to attempt it in their mother tongue. SSC countered by saying that the jobs being central government based, would be subject to transfer to other states, where they would be at a disadvantage. The conducting of a language test before moving to other states is not feasible. Hence candidates should know Hindi to attempt the test. What are the claims made in the argument? What is the line of reasoning? Evaluate whether the arguments are strong or weak? Give reasons.
  5. I saw my father retire after 35 years of service from the same company. This reflects the loyalty and dedication of an employee towards his/her employer. However, in present day, job burnout is widely seen. Employees should be loyal to their company and value their current jobs. What assumptions have the author made in putting up his argument? What further evidence would strengthen his argument? What factors can weaken the author’s argument?
  6. Marks are not good criteria for student judgement.
  7. “Shouting loud is the only marker of a true leader”
  8. There was a story. Examples of teachers shouting loud in class to control students. Bus drivers shouting at rickshaw pullers. Bosses talking loud to employees. Monitors in the class shouting etc.
  9. Case study about E-commerce vs Brick and mortar shops. The given case was against E-Commerce. But the question asked us to rebut those points. In short we had to write FOR E-commerce.
  10. The Gujarat government wants to make it mandatory that the students of class 1-12 respond to morning call with Jai Hind or Jai Bharath. It is said that it would develop patriotism in people right from their childhood. The Gujarat state educational minister said “What’s wrong with that? It would help for the development of the Country.” We were asked to evaluate the argument. Talk about the assumptions stated or unstated in passage. State our opinions if any and what would strengthen or weaken the argument. Had only one side of the paper to write.
  11. Virat Kohli taking a paternity leave. The statement said Virat Kohli shouldn’t have taken a leave and the question asked us to counter that point.
    We only had 25 lines to write the AWT, roughly 3/4 of a page
  1. Do animals need to have rights? How can animals’ rights be protected in a world dominated by the Humans and their needs? 

  2. The Companies Act, 2013 has made it mandatory for companies to set aside 2% of their profits for CSR activities. Do you think this will actually lead to a betterment in the society or will this become a marketing and publicity gimmick? (10 + 20 mins).

  3. India’s middle class is growing rapidly with 29% in 2015 to 44% in 2025 according to a McKinsey report. Discuss its implications on the economy and society. (250 words).

  4. India needs more entrepreneurs than managers. Discuss.
    10 minutes to think and organize our thought on one side of the page. 20 minutes to write the essay on the other side. ~250 words but you can write on only 1 side of the sheet.

  1. So many food delivery startups coming up, does it provide a good opportunity for housewives to make money cooking? Discuss both the advantages and disadvantages.

  2. There is a rise in dictatorial leaders in the world who use divisive policies to develop insular policies. How does this affect democratic societies?

  3. Negative influence of social media on the younger generation. What do you think will be the consequence? What solutions do you recommend? 25 mins, 300 words. 

  4. Topic was very long. It gave a premise of current Nobel laureates and their work, talking about how to bridge inequality gap, the poor needed access to better education. Suggest measures to improve primary and secondary education in India.

  1. Has the world politics taken a right wing turn? (15 minutes)
  2. Indian industries need protection from Chinese exports.
  3. Social Media is, trolls delight.
  4. Growth is not the answer to inequality.
  5. Are bullet trains really needed in India?
  6. The only amicable solution to resolve the Kashmir issue is to hand it over to Pakistan.
  1. Longevity due to medical advancements has adverse effects on the demography. 15 minutes. No word limit but you just have one side to write. GD was conducted on the same topic. Again 15 minutes.
  2. “Is AI a threat to jobs”.
  3. Are security cameras an invasion of our privacy?
  4. Is the growth of china a threat to the Indian economy?
  5. The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) demonstration was an act of democracy or blatant interference with the sovereignty of citizens’ rights?
  6. Is government spending on big ticket projects like bullet train efficient? (25 mins)
  7. Resume writing 15 mins: a) Have you worked with a difficult colleague? How did you handle the situation? b) Describe an event where you take up a leadership role. Can you evaluate the impact that you had?
  8. Data privacy should only be secondary to the growth of internet based companies.
  9. Secularism is highly overrated. (25 min)
  10. Resume writing 15 mins: a) Describe a situation where you misjudged and it is much more complicated than what you had judged? What action did you take? b) Describe a situation where you had to compromise? What was your role? What did you do?
  11. Is the time not yet ripe for GST implementation?
  12. Resume Writing 15 mins: a) Long term and short terms goal along with how it aligns with current work. b) Describe a situational where you failed when others depended on you and why did you fail? How did you overcome it?
  13. Delhi is choking itself but age old farming methods is being unfairly blamed.
  14. Is India digging pit for itself by joining Indian Ocean quad group and alienating china?
  15. Our obsession towards growth is going to lead us to extinction.
  16. Resume Writing 15 mins: a) Any mis-happenings and hindrance occurred to the work you do(only for work experienced people) and how did you overcome? b) Were you part of any group where the team members did not cooperate? How did you deal? What was the outcome?
  1. Case study about organ trafficking and steps to reduce it. (25 minutes)
  2. “Some people believe each religion should be allowed to follow their own practices. Some people believe the practices should be governed by law. What is your opinion on this”
  3. Hospitals exploit patients vulnerability. Mention your views.
  4. Impacts of the technology driven generation on human relations and human behavior.
  5. How PPP model can be used to address India’s key issues.
  6. With increase in number of vehicles on road, accidents are also increasing. People have to be careful, especially pedestrians and people driving two wheelers. How can citizens come together to enforce road safety regulations ?
  7. Some people say that government and security agencies should monitor social media to track terrorism others say that it is an invasion of privacy. What are your views?

Extempore – 2021

  1. Flip side of management education.
  2. Nepotism in Film Industry.
  3. Cyber security – How secure are we in the internet age?
  4. India’s population as an asset.
  1. Should Sex Education be mandated in middle school? 
  2. Will artificial intelligence make people less intelligent and less creative?
  3. Should B-schools focus more on aspirations of job seekers or to create more entrepreneurs. Businesses need to rethink the ‘ consumer is king ‘ philosophy. 
  4. Are citizenship bill and uniform civil code two sides of the same coin?
  5. Nowadays there is been constant demands to ban films or books portraying historical or mythological figures. Is it really that Indians are becoming intolerant?
  6. Has successive governments done anything to bring to non salaried tax payers to tax net.? If no , then what can be done?
  7. Is it the case of corruption by one when decision is taken by group?
  8. What do you think about admission process of MBA
  9. Romantic movies create unrealistic expectations in relationships. They impact the real life relationships. What is your view regarding this?
  10. Simple living high thinking. Relevant or not in modern age? Give examples.
  11. Reservation System.
  12. Should exams be banned in education system?
  13. Should CSR be made compulsory in all companies? Duration: 20 minutes (9:10-9:30).
  14. #MeToo
  15. Recently an article suggested that customs like honor killing can be backed by religions and laws aren’t enough to stop them. Do you agree?
  16. Should CSR be made compulsory in all companies?
  17. Should FDI interfere with retail or e-commerce business.
  1. “What makes you, you?”
  2. Because of our education system, we are not producing enough entrepreneurs.
  3. Social inclusion is a prerequisite for economic inclusion.
  4. Cost barrier in pharmaceutical industry is a deterrent to healthcare infrastructure.
  5. What is better to deliver good and fast or perfect and late?
  6. How I will interact with 75 strangers and break the ice when I invited to cocktail party?
  7. Would you give your consent to AI enabled phones to go through your personal information?
  8. Should it be made compulsory to make everybody participate in military stint.
  9. Do you think women should be allowed to enter Sabrimala shrine? Give reasons for it.
  10. If humility is so important, why are leaders so arrogant?
  11. Describe one of your vices or a bad habit and how are you planning to rectify it?
  12. A presidential order was issued to revoke Article 370 which gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir. What is your opinion regarding this?
  13. Team work vs individual.
  14. Too many opinions on a subject can delay decision making, explain with examples.
  15. Too many viewpoints affect decision making.
  16. How will you handle recession and challenges that come with it?
  17. How has internet changed the way we think ?
  18. Your fondest memory.
  19. In this paced era, how important is conversation to build relationships?(not necessarily romantic)
  20. What is the biggest cultural shock you have faced in India or Abroad?
  21. In a country like India, do you think jury trial would work? Why or Why not?
  22. Should mental health issues be addressed at work place? Why?(500 words)
  23. Which book you like the most?
  24. What is the best advice you have ever received and why is it the best?
  25. What is the best piece of advice you have received and why do you think it was the best? (500 words, 20 mins)
  26. What is the one thing you would change about the primary education system in India? Give your reasons.
  27. What is the one thing you would change about the primary education system in India? Give your reasons.
  28. Apart from your parents, who is that one person that has impacted your life the most and how?
  29. The people most severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic were the daily wage workers. If it were in your hands what three policies would you implement to help them?
  30. What is best advertisement you saw? Why did it impact you so much?
  31. What is that one thing which was common 5 years but extinct now?
  32. Do you think the e-commerce industry has benefitted from the lack of physical stores during COVID times?
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