Interview Experiences

IIM CAP (New IIMs) Interview

I had my CAP interview today
Date: 11th Feb morning session
I’m a fresher

Interviewer : Tell me about yourself?
Me: Started telling (Interrupted in 10 seconds)
Interviewer: Tell me something related to management
Me: Told
Interview: Your favorite subject?
Me: E-commerce

Me : Told
Interviewer: Technical CSE related questions and projects
Interviewer : Tell me something going on in the world
Interviewer : How are AR and VR going to affect E commerce?
Me: Fumbled and told
Interviewer: Difference between data analytics and AI?
Interviewer :You can leave

The panel was chill. Went through my each and every certificate.
Was over in 10-12 minutes

They are asking for Resume as no other Profile form has been filled so kindly carry a print out of latest Resume

1. Something not in Resume
2. Acads and favorite subject – explain software lifecycle models and difference between Waterfall/Agile
3. About activities and most questions were based on Resume (what is IOT, hobbies and public speaking, etc)
4. Extempore – Cashless Economy – Is society ready for transformation?
5. Why MBA ?
6. Long term goal
7. Any recent current Affairs about Gujarat (gujarati) and West Bengal (hometown)
8. Follow up questions on the answers I gave.

15 minute Interview, Q and A type. No disruption or stress particularly.

PI at IIM Trichy for CAP

Two members panel, a male – P1 and a female – P2
P1: Asked about my name.* Goes through all my documents*
Me: Explained about my name and internet name and why I chose that name.
P1: Laughed So tell me about yourself which not there in the resume.
Me: I rephrased my answer since everyone before me were only given 15-20 seconds to answer if they start with the typical structured way of answering. I answered about my sports and other extracurricular achievements.
P1: So that explains why you didn’t score well in your graduation.
Me: Told them a prepared answer. Seemed like they were convinced.
P1: What is GIT and why is it an open source?Based on my resume
Me: answered.
P1: What is the difference between GIT and GITHUB?
Me: answered.
P1: Who created GIT?
Me: Answered:
P1: He is also famous for?
Me: Answered.
P1: What is the difference between HTML4 and HTML5.
Me: Answered.
P1: What is bootstrap?
Me: Answered.
P1: What are the other libraries that you know in Javascript.
Me: Told a few but he didn’t followup with any questions.
Being quite for so long now P2 starts questioning.
P2: Why MBA?
Me: Told them the answer that I prepared.
P2: I’m not convinced with your answer.
Me: Tried convincing her but she kept cross questioning.
P2: Still not convinced, anyway why did you quit your last job?
Me: Answered.
P2: What is happening with the environmental issue followup question from tell me about yourself
Me: Spoke about Paris climate change summit.
P1: Extempore 2 minutes to think and talk – Bullet Train in India.
Me: Spoke until they asked me to stop.
P2: Okay Ashwin you may leave.
Me: Thanked them and left.


Location- IIM Trichy Centre, Chennai.

2 panelist (p1=1M, p2=1F)

P2- please sit. Your score in 10th is good and grad is fine but why is it low in 12th.

P2- Ohh so u are a fresher. Tell me something about your final year project.
Me- explained

P1- U did a case study on cryptocurrency. Please explain.
Me- did.

P1- Is bitcoin a legal tender?

P1-Should india legalise it?
Me – explained.

P2-tell us about your extracurriculars.
Me- Told.

P1-Now, I will give u a topic and u will have 10 secs to think and then 2 mins to speak.

P1- Should Income tax be abolished?

Then I mistakenly mentioned NPS and presented it as an example for schemes that gov has introduced.

P1- Why did U mention NPS? Tell us something about NPS.

Me- Told them about NPS.

P1- Okay, U can go and U can have a chocolate.

I picked one and left.

2nd in panel 2
The interviewers were chilled
P1:Since you are from software field can you tell me the software interactions between India and US
Told them what I know
P1: Do you agree to this protectionism?(I told them about Indian people working there and the US people’s opinion on it)
Told them my views
P2: Let’s say , a bike costs around 60k, and suddenly i raise the price to 120k, without any value addition, what wil the reaction of public be?
Told them that they won’t probably buy.
P2: Then if I get employ local labour who works for higher wages comparitively, the price will go.So expect prices to come down, but the company cannot do it?
Told them my view.
P1: So let us say You are the government, And there is a problem of construction workers from other state, How will you manage?
Told them.
P1: So how do you propose to implement it, What is the population of India
Told them (this was wrong, factually)
P1: What is the population of TamilNadu?
Told them I dont know
P2 pointed out that I had got an A in TQM…
P1: So what is TQM?
told them
P1: What is six sigma?
I din know.
P2: You have got A here, and you don’t know. Okay do you know about AI?
I told them
P1: What is the difference between Machine Learing and AI?
Told them
P2: Have you experienced AI?
I told them no.
P2: Have you travelled in Train?
I told him yes.
P1: Have you booked tickets using Irctc?
I told him no and I book it from a family friend who works in railways.
P2: Apart from that what do you do?
I told him I watch tv series.
P1: what series? English?
I told him game of thrones
P1: over to him…(laughing)
P2: What is the words of House Lannister?
Told him the correct one
P2: Then what is the words of House Stark?
Told him “winter is coming”
P2: Just because you think you know it and other person does not know it, will you say anything? it’s not ‘winter is coming’.
I said i am sure.
P2:OK you may go.
Finally before leaving I asked him apart from all this, what is the words.
He didnot tell…

CAP Call
Background – Software Engineer 2.5 years work ex, BTech CSE
1. Tell me about yourself
2. College VC name and history
3. Work role and responsibilities (e-commerce based)
4. e-commerce restrictions and anti competitive behavior
5. Why MBA
6. Hobbies and other extra curricular activities

1. Tell me something about yourself
2. What kind of work did you do in your job?
3. Whats your favourite subject in college?
4. Why do assets and liabilities always have to tally?
5. How do you calculate break even point of a manufacturing company or any other company for that matter?
6. What is Dupont model?
7. What value do you bring to a college?
8. If our college had absolutely no committees what committee would you form and why?
9. Which specialised subjects would you choose in your 2nd year?
10. Do you have any questions for us?
[1:43 PM, 2/12/2020] TB19 Akhil J Palakeel: Background – Commerce Graduate , Work Ex – One Year ( Tax Analyst , Ernst and Young )

—-Started with where i am from ( Tirupati) and about the temple. Asked if it is justifiable that people are donating huge amount of gold and cash for temples. Asked If I would also be doing the same.
—-Then they asked about the AP politics and capitals.
—-Asked why Indian Ocean is more used for trade.
—-Asked about indians GDP…said it’s 2.9 lakh crore dollars asked to convert int into billion or trillion…and asked about how many zeros in them.
—About donations given to political parties,.. why do people do such donations.

There wasn’t any tell me about yourself, why MBA, your interests , strengths , weaknessess, no academics related questions.

They just asked how I would manage in bigger cities or in particular at an IIM, as you are brought up in the same place since beginning.

My CAP experience: IIM Trichy
Interviewer: what are you currently doing?
Me: Explained
Interviewer: why low marks in 12 and what did you learn from it?
Me: explained the reason and learning
Interviewer: what did you do in college as extra- curricular
Me: I was VP of SAC as well as other positions like T&P coordinator, magazine editor, CR
Interviewer: what did you do new from your side
Me: I accidentally told I couldn’t do anything new though I had done certain things
Interviewer: why should we take you,you will only take from us and go away
Me: Tried to explain it’s not the case
Interviewer: discuss your essay about why didn’t Metoo came 20 years ago
Me: explained
Interviewer: talk on BIMARU states for 1 min if they are burden on India?
Me: explained
Interviewer: what did you learnt at your workplace?
Me: explained
It was a kind of stress interview for me but accordingly it went well.
Interviewer: what is your biggest strength?
Me: never give up attitude
Interviewer: what will you do if you don’t get selected?
Me: will try again
Interviewer: what skills you want to achieve in Bschool as you see your managers etc
Me: Decision making as I am weak in that
Interviewer: Any questions
Me: I asked the feedback
Male Interviewer: you will get that in your results
Female Interviewer: you didn’t breakup in stressed situation

They asked my resume and went through my certificates

1. Something not in Resume
2. Acads and favorite subject. I said OR. They were asking me which type of problem you like, diff between transportation and assignment problem. What are all methods you know to optimse a solution.
3. About my hobbies.
4. Extempore – Freedom of speech and the state government’s intervention in it.
5. Extracurricular activities.
6. Tell me some international issue which is affecting the international market.

I was one of the last few candidates, so only 10 minutes Interview, Q and A type. No disruption or stress particularly.

WAT/PI – CAP process
Location: IIM Trichy office, Chennai

PI: Two panel members, a male and a female, both pretty experienced (50+ age)

Tell me about your organization.
What is your role there?
What was your major in ug?
Why do you work in a different line now?
What is your passion?
What all extra curricular activities have you taken part in?
Extempore topic: Future of IT industry in India.
Preparation time of 15-30 seconds provided.
Was asked about railways in the interim budget.
Asked about what all interests me in the interim budget.
They ended the interview by asking me whether I had any questions for them.

Overall, it was a pretty interactive PI with most of it based on my profile.

WAT/PI -CAP Process
Location: IIM Trichy office, Chennai
PI: I said it needs to be revamped
Tell me something, not in your resume
Said bike riding as a hobby
Asked the difference between Rider and biker…
Asked my favorite subject
Said Dbms
Asked how will you test that?
Who is the president?
What is big data?
Nothing based on Personal profile…
While leaving he asked me don’t mind what was asked and they were done with me…
Interrupted so many times and asked me to get back to where I left off… Both interviewers were yawning the whole time…
Was the 10th in panel

Tell me about organization, it’s role in India, ur role in organization.
What are types of analytics
Uttarakhand famous for? I mentioned many thing but missed ongc. They were looking for that
Why kashi purchase is famous. Distance btw Dehradun n kashi pur
What is micro grid
No toffee offered

PI: How to pronounce my name and the meaning of my name

How many States and what are the capitals?

Capital of Delhi, Mongolia?


Sing a song(I did not mention anywhere that I know to sing)

Sang a song – asked me the meaning of the song

Asked me to draw a national flag

I don’t know what kind of interview is this

Panel 3

Panel: Where are you from?
Me: Hyderabad
Panel: You did karate in school? When was it?
Me: <Told the year>
<Asked me why I stopped it. The topic went on to IIT coaching and how Andhra Pradesh (and Telangana) are serious about all these coaching institutes.>

Then, I was asked to talk about “Is splitting of states good for the people?”
I talked about it from the perspective of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.
After knowing I was from Telangana, they told me I was biased.
I told them I gathered the facts and presented the argument in an unbiased

Unimpressed Interviewer: You did 10th from ICSE, didn’t you? There’s an elephant in ICSE’s logo. Tell which way it points.
<The world isn’t going to turn upside down if the elephant faces left instead of right.> 😒
Me: Left
<It was right.>

They asked about my work in detail.
Explained. Answered follow up questions.
<No reaction. These people must be earning billions on poker nights.>

Discussion moved on to my college: BITS, Pilani
CM of Rajasthan?
Chancellor of BITS?
I said VC’s name by mistake. Then tried to recall. They showed me his signature on my certificate and asked me to identify him.

Cap interview
Background: Bcom. 1 year work ex

Are you a dude? (They thought my name was a girls name)
Wat is a dude?
Can’t we call girls dude?
Tell me about yourself
Compare Lesotho’s education system with India’s (I studied in that country)
How was Madras Christian College?
I heard a lot of students do weed there, did you?
Favorite subject in UG?
What is transfer pricing?
What is value of rupee against dollar?
Why is it low?
What is difference between fiscal policy and monetary policy
What is special about your hometown?
What is Maramon convention? (Religious gathering next to my town)
What does your name mean?
Which language does it originate from?

Cap experience afternoon slot:

Meaning of name
Introduce yourself
Anything else apart from the introduction
What is your fav subject
Why not turn the table –u ask questions from us
I was asked to Ask a question from current affair
Then a discussion on that topic

CAP WAT/PI Experience:
Venue: IIM Trichy Chennai campus

Background – Bcom Graduate ,Work Ex – 12 months (Tax Analyst)
PI Experience :-
1. Started with what you have studied in Graduation , Then why low marks in Graduation?
2. What is Probability Distribution ?
3. What is MAT (Minimum Alternative Tax )?
4. What is Cost variance analysis ? , why it is calculated ? Is variance analysis useful ?,how it is useful ? and few more related questions ?
5. Talk about some economic issue within 3 months period other than Budget , Survey , Slowdown etc , then many related questions ( Basically argue against our opinion , just try to make our opinion wrong )
6. Suggestions to improve the same economic issue ?

Basically they will make lot of counterargument’s for each of your answer. Also ask related questions and try to put us in trouble . They interrupted me in between and jumped to other questions. Not even a single Accounts or Finance question.

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