Session NameSession LinkFaculty
GRE OrientationWatch SessionMr.Ajay Zener & Mr.Varun Krishnan
GRE: Quants & Verbal IntroductionWatch SessionMr.Varun Krishnan
How to Prepare for GRE / StrategyVideo coming Soon!!
GA01: Vocabulary 1 & 2Watch SessionMrs.Anandi Mohan
GA02: Vocabulary 3 & 4Watch SessionMrs.Anandi Mohan
GA03: Vocabulary 5 & 6Watch SessionMrs.Anandi Mohan
GA04: Vocabulary 7 & 8Watch SessionMrs.Anandi Mohan
Quantitative Aptitude:-
QA01: PercentagesWatch SessionMr.Kushal Bohra
QA02: Profit & LossWatch SessionMrs.Chris Diana
QA03: SI & CI, RatiosWatch SessionMrs.Chris Diana
QA04: Mixtures & SolutionWatch SessionMrs.Chris Diana
QA05: Proportionality, Ages, AveragesWatch SessionMrs.Chris Diana
QA06: Time & WorkWatch SessionMrs.Chris Diana
QA-07-Time Speed DistanceWatch SessionMrs.Chris Diana
QA-08-Circular Motion-ClocksWatch SessionMrs.Chris Diana
QA-09-Number TheoryWatch SessionMrs.Chris Diana
QA-10-CoordinateWatch SessionMrs.Chris Diana
QA-11-Equations-InequalitiesWatch SessionMrs.Chris Diana
QA-12-Geometry-1Video coming Soon!!
QA-13-Geometry-2Video coming Soon!!
QA-14-Geometry-3Video coming Soon!!
QA-15-Modern MathsVideo coming Soon!!
QA-16-Statistics-Watch SessionMrs.Chris Diana
QA-17-Data InterpretationWatch SessionMrs.Chris Diana
Verbal Reasoning:-
RC01: Nuances & ReadingWatch SessionMr.Varun Krishnan
RC02: Eclectic Speed ReadingVideo coming Soon!!
RC03: Types of Passages & QuestionsVideo coming Soon!!
RC04: Tones & ThemesVideo coming Soon!!
Analytical Writing:-
Writing Argumentative taskVideo coming Soon!!
Writing Issue TaskVideo coming Soon!!
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