Photography is a career that involves both fine arts and applied arts as it is a mix of both artistic and technical expertise. An unconventional career, photography is not looked at as a prosperous career and most of the students are skeptical about the future prospects of the career. It hence is a difficult choice to choose between a conventional career and a career in photography. Most students who do not take up photography as a career in their early life end up taking it as a hobby after they have settled in their conventional jobs.

Is Photography for me?

Photography is as much a technical profession as much as it is an artistic one. One needs to understand the equipment and the working details of the kit and for that one needs to spend time and be patient about knowing the details and experimenting with the equipment till perfection. A good photographer will be creative, willing to learn and explore, travel, network, and explore.

Study Photography

Most cities in India and abroad provide basic courses in photography. These courses which may be for one or two days will help you understand the technical aspects of photography. Depending on the requirement and interest there are longer duration courses available. For those who are willing to pursue a degree in photography, there are many institutes that provide undergraduate courses in fine arts. There are many reputed institutions in India that offer such courses There are then advanced courses and also professional degrees in Photography, which would help you choose a career as a photographer. The top institutes in India offering courses in Photography are:

Apart from these institutions all the state government, Fine Arts colleges offer courses in photography and digital media. These Bachelor of Fine Arts courses would be a 3-year graduate-level program.

Career as Photographer

Numerous career opportunities are available for photographers. The most popular of these is in the media industry where the demand for photographers is high for both newspapers and television media. The work as a photojournalist involves capturing events for media houses. There is enough scope to attach oneself to a particular media house or work as a freelancer. Fashion Photography is another area where there is a demand for a photographer for photoshoots of models and designs. These photographers are hired by fashion houses. There are also other areas like Event Photography, whereas a freelancer one can look forward to covering parties, weddings, corporate functions, celebrity shows, etc. Also, many magazines hire photographers for areas like Medical Photography, Wildlife Photography, Travel Photography, Architectural & Landscape Photography, and Sports Photography. With the advent of stock photography websites, freelance photographers can now sell their work online through these websites and can work as freelance photographers for clients willing to buy their images. Like any other profession, photographers earn based on their experience and reputation. Initial salaries in the corporate/media houses start ranging from Rs.25,000/- to Rs.30,000/- per month. Award-winning photographers earn based on their reputation. Event photographers can expect an average of Rs.50,000/- for a one-day event and may increase based on the nature of the event.

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