IIM WAT & GD Topics

The following were the Group Discussion (GD) & Written Assessment Test (WAT) topics asked in IIMs. Some of them also had case studies in the selection process.

IIM Bangalore IIMB WAT Topics

What do you think is necessary to ensure that the ‘make in India’ program is a success?
Should Freedom of expression, being one of the pillars of a democratic country, be limited?
Swine Flu is proliferating across India at a rapid pace despite the government’s efforts to increase awareness and supply of drugs and vaccines. What measures do you suggest?
NITI Ayog vs Planning Commission, do u justify this, what according to you should be the expected deliverable?

IIM Calcutta WAT Topics

Parents enroll children in many extracurricular classes like ballet, karate, Chinese language. Your opinion on this?
Obesity which was a rich man’s disease has become a national health problem now. What should be the Govt’s role to curb obesity?
There is a new Mantra that says giving away and getting rid of things makes a person happier. Give your views.

IIM Lucknow WAT Topics

Nothing is right. One person’s right is another’s wrong.
Indian education makes students ready only for jobs.
If you want peace, prepare for war
What do we want in life? This is the question least asked by people to themselves.

IIM Kozhikode WAT Topics

The compensation package is the sole criterion for selecting jobs.
One machine can replace 50 men. But no machine can replace one extraordinary man.
We being a country of 1.2 billion, what should we focus on quantity or quality?
Real learning in a B-School happens outside the classroom.
No use in dwelling over past, dreaming of the future, concentrating your mind in the present is the best way forward.

IIM Ahmedabad: Analytical Writing Task (AWT)

A person what’s to set up fasteners manufacturing business. He has the following options
(a) A city which is the industrial hub. Accounts for 60% of the manufacturing of the country. Good infrastructure facilities are available.
(b) A city that is developing into an industrial place. Govt is promoting the place and is giving various benefits for setting up manufacturing facilities there. Accounts for 30% of the manufacturing of the country.
(c) A city with very few facilities. Accounts only for 10% of manufacturing. Very minimal infrastructure.
The man chose the city (a). Evaluate his decision. What factors he should have considered. What data if known could have made his choice wrong. What are the other factors he should consider to make the decisions?

IIM Indore WAT Topics

The Prime Minister is talking about generating a large number of jobs through Make in India but the Indian workforce has to be equipped with skills for that. How do u think the prime minister can go about creating a skilled workforce?
Video Games affect the performance of students. Do you agree?
A new airport comes to your city. List the pros and cons of having the airport.

New IIMs WAT Topics

What would you do in your capacity as a citizen to help Swach Bharat Abhiyan campaign?
Will e-retailers eventually lead to the closing down of brick and mortar shops?
India has a young population and lots of educational institutions but not many of those institutions are known worldwide. Why?
Valleys which are once the beauty spots of the country are vanishing. What can be done to preserve them?

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